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Does Cannabis Cause Dehydration?

Dehydration isn’t the same thing as dry-mouth. If you get thirsty or your mouth feels dry right after smoking cannabis, you might come to the logical conclusion that cannabis causes dehydration. Considering that dry mouth is one of cannabis’ signature side effects, the question of whether this dry mouth is caused by dehydration comes up often.  […]

What is CBN? Does it Help with Sleep?

What we know about this popular cannabinoid. With over one hundred cannabinoids to offer, cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving, and delta-8 THC isn’t the summer’s only hit. Cannabinol (CBN) is a unique cannabinoid that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) in beneficial ways. Scientists have known about CBN for a while, but cannabis […]

New Cannabis Research Insights

What are we learning about weed in 2022? For 50 years, cannabis research was largely closed off to scientists because of federal regulations that created massive hurdles for anyone hoping to look into the plant. Up until 2020, researchers in the United States could only study cannabis plants grown by the University of Mississippi in conjunction with […]

Flying With Edibles: What’s the Risk?

What you need to know before you fly! If you’re a cannabis user preparing for travel, there are a few risks you should be aware of before you get on a plane with weed.  As of now, you can’t lawfully bring weed into an airport, let alone onto a plane. That’s true even if your […]

California’s Marijuana Laws

Be safe. Know your legal limits. over a century of prohibition, cannabis is accessible to all adults aged 21 and over for personal use. It is also available to adult and pediatric medical patients. Here is everything you need to know about marijuana regulations in the Golden State.  Covid Restrictions  Cannabis license-holding businesses were deemed […]

How is Cannabis Isolate Made?

Learn the step by step process to make the beloved 99.9% pure cannabis used in most edibles, topicals, and more. You may not have heard of cannabis isolate, but if you’ve ever eaten an edible, taken cannabis in pill form, or used a THC topical, you’ve likely consumed it. Isolate, whether THC, CBD, or another cannabinoid, […]