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The Difference Between a Spliff, Blunt, and Joint

Next time someone asks you what the difference is, you’ll be able to hit them with this article. Not all cannabis terms are interchangeable. Joints, spliffs, and blunts are slightly different from each other in ways that can make big impacts on your smoke session. So which one is the best? Read on to find […]

Canadian Recreational Cannabis Laws by Province and Territory

Weed Is Legal, But Different Provinces Have Different Laws. Concerning Canadian Recreational Cannabis Laws by Province and Territory,While the answer to the question “is weed legal in Canada” is yes, there are some nuances that you need to be aware of. Canada’s government is divided into three levels: federal, provincial or territorial, and municipal.  Canada is […]

What is the Difference Between Med and Rec Weed?

If you need a medical patient card, then medical cannabis must be stronger and better right? This might not be the case. You may have heard it said, probably in a movie or TV show as some character takes an overly long pull on a joint, “Whoa! This isn’t regular weed”. This is medical grade!” […]

Average Grow Period for Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains of Cannabis

Regarding the Average grow period of hybrid cannabis strains, growing your own weed can be one of the most rewarding aspects of being a cannabis consumer. If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb and you’re looking forward to planting a ganja garden of your own, it’s vital you know that when it comes […]

Does Cannabis Cause Dehydration?

Dehydration isn’t the same thing as dry-mouth. If you get thirsty or your mouth feels dry right after smoking cannabis, you might come to the logical conclusion that cannabis causes dehydration. Considering that dry mouth is one of cannabis’ signature side effects, the question of whether this dry mouth is caused by dehydration comes up often.  […]

Minnesota “Accidentally” Legalized Edibles

What does this new law mean? Cannabis advocates in Minnesota, both activists and politicians, have been working tirelessly for decades to legalize weed in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Recently, they were able to notch up a win. Minnesota’s Democratic governor just signed a bill into law allowing the sale of edibles containing 5mg or less of […]

Is There a Solution to California’s Cannabis Tax Struggles?

There may be a compromise underway that would benefit both the struggling farmers and the state of California. Anyone who’s legally running a business in the cannabis market will tell you: the struggle is real. From the outside perspective, things may be looking really promising within the cannabis space. Every other day, there seems to […]

How to Pinch Your Plants to Increase Your Yields

For most, the goal of growing weed is to get the biggest yield come harvest. One way to get the biggest yields you possibly can is by pinching your plants. There are two ways to pinch your plants to increase your yields. These are known as “topping” and “FIM” (F**k It I Missed). While there are several different […]

The Average Cost of Starting a Cannabis Grow

The legal marijuana market is booming. There’s legitimate money to be made in weed, without having to sell it on the black market to reap the benefits. With more states passing cannabis legislation all the time, there is opportunity abound when it comes to starting a successful cannabis business. Individuals interested in large-scale cultivation are typically […]