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What is the Difference Between Med and Rec Weed?

If you need a medical patient card, then medical cannabis must be stronger and better right? This might not be the case. You may have heard it said, probably in a movie or TV show as some character takes an overly long pull on a joint, “Whoa! This isn’t regular weed”. This is medical grade!” […]

Is Marijuana Legal in Florida? Florida’s Weed Laws

The rules of cannabis in the sunshine state. The legal landscape surrounding cannabis is changing more rapidly than the Miami skyline, and new legislation is expanding the scope of marijuana use in Florida. This, however, doesn’t mean residents of the Sunshine State are in the clear…yet. There are many restrictions on who can buy and […]

Arizona Marijuana Laws (2021 Guide)

How to apply for a medical marijuana license in Arizona. Adult-use cannabis is legal in Arizona thanks to the 60 – 40 majority of voters who passed the Smart and Safe Arizona initiative during the 2020 general election. Here’s everything you need to know about legally consuming cannabis in the Grand Canyon State. Cannabis Possession and Purchasing […]

Better Cannabis Security Needed As Dispensary Robberies Rise

As all-cash businesses, dispensaries face constant risks. Businesses in the cannabis industry face massive hurdles just to exist. Even in states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal, the federal prohibition of the product means cannabis retail businesses have to operate almost entirely with cash and have to meet tough standards and regulations that aren’t imposed […]

Cannabis Grading System Explained

Here are a few tricks to pick out the best weed at the dispensary. Schwag. Mids. Headies. Boof. Quads. Like any agricultural product, there are different grades of cannabis quality. Unlike other agricultural products, the cannabis culture has adopted some really strange and hilarious names for the different grades of ganja you find at the […]

The Importance of Cannabis Testing

If someone offered you a bowl brimming with a purple, strange smelling substance and said, “Eat this. You’ll love it,” you’d at the least ask them what it was before putting it in yourd mouth, right? If you answered no, then take this advice with love. Don’t put eat it until know it’s safe. That advice applies to […]

LEUNE Founder & CEO Talks About the Importance of Elevating Cannabis Culture

A brand so beautifully bold, making a difference with sustainable products and a social injustice awareness mission. There are so many fascinating facts within the cannabis industry, but one that stands out above the rest is the fact that all the flower you see people smoking actually come from female cannabis plants. Thus, on that […]

The Real Price of Weed

What’s causing expensive cannabis prices? It’s no secret that the price of weed cannabis is a turn-off for many users. Industry experts often cite the high costs as a reason the Black Market continues to thrive despite legalization. That’s especially true in California, where high tax rates and regulatory hurdles drive up the cost of weed by […]