The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex, Passion and Libido

Spice up the bedroom with these strains that act as aphrodisiacs.

Cannabis and passion have been intertwined for thousands of years. Since the 7th century, Ancient Hindu Ayurvedic medical texts recommended cannabis to increase sexual potency and gratification. Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Russian, and other folk medicine traditions similarly knew that when it comes to sex, THC leads to TLC.

Most modern cannabis consumers are similarly aware that the right strain or product can make one of the best things in life even better. Cannabis can help you tap into your body’s feelings. It can increase or deepen sensitivity, boost arousal, and keep you in the thrill and intimacy of the moment. Not to mention weed’s ability to increase blood flow to some of the most sensitive nerve endings in your body. If you’re interested in adding weed into your love life, here are the best cannabis strains for sex, passion, and libido.

Granddaddy Purps

An orange and purple cannabis nugget sitting on a black surface

Granddaddy Purps is an all-time favorite aphrodisiac strain.

This indica’s gotta be on the list of best cannabis strains for intimacy. Granddaddy Purps combines the best traits of its Purple Urkle and Big Bud parentage for a super sweet grape flavor and a sensual body buzz. This arousing strain comes on smoothly, then a floaty euphoric rush soon settles into a deep sense of peace throughout your body. Put on some slow jams or R&B, get close to your partner, and let your bodies get acquainted.

Sour Diesel

A crystal dusted bud with orange hairs coming out from the tip of a cannabis bud

Sour Diesel provides the consumer with lots of energizing results.

After a long, stressful day, you may not have the energy to get in the mood. Sour Diesel’s stimulating and invigorating creative high is mostly enjoyed during the daytime. But it can also be an arousing strain that helps you end an exhausting day on a high note. Thanks to Sour Diesel’s electrifying effects, you’ll be ready to enjoy your intimate time long into the night.

Wedding Cake

A green cannabis bud with green hairs in front of a white background

Slow down and let Wedding Cake take you on a more intimate adventure. photo credit

Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, starts with the familiar rush of pleasure and joy as a wedding night, but soon you’ll be relaxed and ready to get closer to each other. But what makes this cannabis strain perfect for intimacy in longer-term relationships is the increased physical sensations and pleasure. It’s purported to increase stamina, so you can take your time and enjoy each other to the fullest. This is a strain to smoke when you know what each other likes and just how to give that to them.


An immature, green cannabis plant of the strain dos-si-dos just beginning to form its buds

This Do-Si-Dos plant will soon mature into a fruitful, treat that enhances sensations when consumed. photo credit

Often reaching up to 30% THC, start slow with Do-Si-Dos, an indica powerhouse. You don’t want to fall asleep before the enhanced sensory pleasure takes effect. Smoke the right amount and you’ll feel gooey, warm waves tingling down your spine and down your limbs. Sensations from the lightest brush of fingertips to your partner holding on tight are dialed up to 10. This is an aphrodisiac strain you’ll want to savor, so take your time and don’t skimp on the foreplay.


A purple cannabis cola growing on the top of a plant with greenish-yellow leaves

The strain Gelato is well known for its psychedelic effects. photo credit

Gelato’s euphoric lift is a wave of pure pleasure that soon leads to a floaty, but lucid relaxation. In other words, time may seem to be standing still (but in the best way possible). That makes this love child of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies a great weed strain for intimacy that pairs well with a passionate partner and a mood-enhancing album on the speakers. Gelato’s borderline-psychedelic effects can lead to some mind-blowing moments that take you and your partner to another place outside of time and space. When you’re back to earth and relaxing in the afterglow, you may want to put on a new record and keep the mood going.

Blue Dream

A macro shot of the strain Blue Dream with crystalized trichomes covering the bud and orange hairs coming out of its crevices

Blue Dream is a great strain that provides good vibes to you and your partner in the bedroom.

Is there anything this all-time strain can’t do? When it comes to loving, this arousing weed strain will get you in the mood. Blue Dream’s sugary blueberry taste is soon followed by a happy, yet focused energy and a body high as soothing as a warm bath. Smoke some of this aphrodisiac wonder and you’ll want to slip into something more comfortable, or out of your clothes entirely. Blue Dream gives you the energy, focus, and good vibes to connect with your partner and go with the flow. This is a strain that’s all about lots of eye contact, sensual touch, passion, and intimacy.


A Harlequin cannabis plant growing out of a white trellis in grow room.

Harlequin has 5 parts CBD to 1 part THC to help ease your way into the bedroom without feeling nervous. photo credit

It can be hard to just relax and get in the mood sometimes, especially if you have hang-ups or insecurities about sex. Harlequin’s uniquely arousing sativa effects and 5:2 CBD: THC ratio make it an ideal weed strain for sex when you need to get out of your head and into your own body’s pleasure. After enjoying its musky mango flavor, Harlequin provides wave after wave of relaxation, leaving you stress-free while still alert and engaged. Smoke some of this soothing yet exciting strain so that you can enjoy being with your partner and the pleasure that great sex provides.


Up close image of a Jillybean cannabis nugget that is green with sparse orange hairs

Jillybean provides amazing effects of euphoria.

Giggly, sweet, and fun, Jillybean is known to increase sensitivity in feminine folks especially. This cross between Space Queen and Orange Skunk has a candy-sweet taste and bubbly effects that get you ready for a good time with whoever’s coming over. An arousing strain, Jillybean starts out with bursts of euphoria, and creative energy, as well as a mild, soothing body high that feels light and sensitive to the touch. Jillybean will get you communicating with your Tinder match or that partner who knows just which buttons to press. You may get plenty of new ideas from this aphrodisiac strain. It’s great for experimenting with new positions, techniques, or toys.

To Conclude

Throughout history, cannabis consumers have known that weed can make sex better. That’s why this fact has shown up in ancient medical texts, as well as movie scenes like this one from Walk Hard. Finding just the right strain for sexy times can lead to greater pleasure, intimacy, and satisfaction between you and your partner.

Just remember that everybody is different, so you may need to experiment before you find just the right strain for you. Luckily, it’s the most fun type of research. Also, if you’re just starting out combining cannabis and sex, be sure to start slow. Smoking too much can get you out of your body and into your head, which isn’t ideal. Or, you could end up too drowsy to go on, which also isn’t great. Smoke just the right amount, and you’ll see why cannabis and passion have been intertwined for so long.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Weed Good for Sex?

In the right amount, weed can make sex even better. It can relax you and make you more sensitive to pleasure, as well as more present and aware of you and your partner’s bodies. 

Should You Smoke Indica or Sativa for Arousal?

Both indica and sativa can help with arousal, depending on the strain. Sativa can make you more energetic and engaged, while indicas can make you more relaxed and body aware. What’s important is to not smoke so much sativa that you get racy and in your head, or so much indica that you’re too sleepy to perform.

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