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The History of Sour Diesel

How Sour Diesel came to be. There are some strains of cannabis so famous, even people who don’t consume weed have heard of them. Sour Diesel might top that list as one of the most well-known strains on earth. So how did it get such notoriety?  The easy answer to why Sour Diesel is so legendary is […]

8 Highest THC Strains

A look at the most potent strains on the market, and what makes them unique. Concentrates are the most potent cannabis products you can find, but they may not be your style. The truth is, most cannabis enthusiasts still prefer smoking or vaping flower over inhaling (or ingesting) concentrates.  The problem for high-tolerance cannabis users […]

How To Make Weed Stem Tea: 6 Easy Steps

The effortless way to put those stems to good use. When you’ve used up your stash and have a pile of stems left, you may be tempted to smoke them up as a last resort. Don’t do that. There are other ways to use these pesky stems that won’t result in a massive headache and […]

Refreshing Cannabis Mocktails

Learn a simple syrup recipe to create a variety of infused beverages. THC-infused drinks are more popular than ever, but many remain expensive, difficult to buy in bulk or offer limited options for some consumers. Thankfully, there’s a way to make your own cannabis cocktails at home with an infused simple syrup! That said, mixing cannabis […]

The Best Cannabis Strains for Sex, Passion and Libido

Spice up the bedroom with these strains that act as aphrodisiacs. Cannabis and passion have been intertwined for thousands of years. Since the 7th century, Ancient Hindu Ayurvedic medical texts recommended cannabis to increase sexual potency and gratification. Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Russian, and other folk medicine traditions similarly knew that when it comes to sex, THC […]

What is Couchlock and Why is it Associated with Indicas?

We are here to explain this strange phenomenon(Couchlock) that cannabis provides. Many people use marijuana to energize themselves or help with their work or art. Many use it to help themselves relax or sleep. Sometimes, it results in an unintended effect: a heavy feeling in the muscles that makes people not want to get up […]